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Kathleen has changed my life, for years I dreaded driving due to feeling extremely anxious about driving lessons. I had a huge fear of driving and I did not want to drive. In three in depth 2 hour sessions and with Kathleen's amazing guidance and support my fear of driving passed. A fear I thought I would have for life. I am driving safely everyday after Kathleen’s coaching skills and with confidence I honestly thought I would never gain. Kathleen is patient, professional and has a passion for her role as a driving instructor and NLP/QTT practitioner. Thank you.
Thanks again Kathleen for all your help with the driving lessons over the last few weeks. I really appreciate it and I'm so happy I passed my driving in Tallaght.
So happy to have passed my test first time with Kathleen. Thank you for all your help and the mock test with Imelda really helped my nerves to settle.
Kathleen is a brilliant instructor. In just a few driving lessons she helped me change my driving from rushed and slightly erratic to relaxed and safe. There is no secrets or tricks to pass, just consistent advice on how to drive safely. I felt prepared and confident doing the test and it paid off! I've had a few instructors and none compared to Sunbury Driving school's. The Tester said my drive was the best he had seen all year! How amazing was that! Thanks a mill Kathleen and Imelda.
Having had plenty of driving lessons elsewhere I finally stumbled upon Sunbury and can honestly say that the first lesson I had with Kathleen is some of the best money I have ever spent. Kathleen puts you at ease, gives you a system to work with, and gradually changes the experience of driving from being stressful - to being manageable - to being comfortable - and finally to being enjoyable. After many years of dreading and avoiding it, I passed my driving test on my first attempt - and I couldn't have done it without the help of the team at Sunbury.
Changed the way I thought about driving which ultimately helped me to drive more competently and confidently. Having experienced other driving instructors, in my opinion Sunbury Driving School and Kathleen and Imelda are what all driving instructors should aspire to be like. I HIGHLY recommend anyone wishing to learn how to drive properly and safely with the goal of passing their driving test with ease to give this school a call. Thanks again to both of you.
A lot of credit for my passing first time around goes to Kathleen. Her approach was not simply "do this, don't do that". It went beyond that and got at the reasons for my behaviours on the road, making me understand the road better and my own attitude to it. It didn't just help me pass the test but more importantly become a better and safer driver in the long term. Her manner was calm and collected, making me comfortable behind the wheel, so I was focused and not just driving in dread of my next mistake. I will be recommending her to others without a doubt.Thanks Colm
I just want to say thanks so much for helping me to pass my driving test last October! It was such a relief to find a drivin instructor who genuinley wanted to teach me how to drive safely and not just for the sake of the test. All going well so far and I still hear Kathleen's comments on safety in my head when driving! Thanks again.
After a number of unsuccessfull tests, I was quite frustrated and disillusioned with my lack of progress. Kathleen approaches driving lesson with an attention to detail and commitment that other instructors do not. Her knowledge of driving is obvious, and most importantly she is able to communicate it. Kathleen, is excellent, and succeeded where other instructors have not. I would recommend her highly.
I just passed my driving test First Time!!. Sunbury Driving School was recommended me by a friend. When I took my first driving lesson, I quickly realized what was wrong in my driving style and what standard is required for the test. A driving test is to not about a percentage of pass rate testers have to stick with, not about how lucky one maybe on the day of the test. A driving test is about how safely one can drive, and one will be judged on this. Kathleen and Imelda were able to make me realize this. Driving is just common sense. But common sense on the road has to be "taught". As a beginner, it was difficult for me to realize what other drivers think of my driving style. I understood little by little throughout my lessons. Thank you again Kathleen for teaching me to understand it. There are other people driving on the road, and it is down to each single person to make Driving safe.
Kathleen Many thanks for helping me pass the driving test and becoming a safer, better driver. You have the system of driving and teaching down to a fine tee and I'll highly recommend lessons with the Sunbury School to my friends and family. Best of luck in the future.
Kathleeen is an excellent driving instructor. She is patient, professional and very motivational. I passed my test after several attempts thanks to her focus on safe driving which ultimately ensured I passed my test. I have had a history of lazy, disinterested Driving Instructors who obviously teach driving as a side line and have no passion, enthusiasm or pride in their work. Kathleen on the other hand obviously loves what she does and can convey a sense of calm and confidence to even a nervous student. Anyone wanting to learn to drive safely and competently couldn't make a better decision than contacting Kathleen Comerford.