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Why Choose Our EDT Driving Lessons?

Our pass rate is 99%. Sunbury Driving School offers expert EDT driving lessons in Dublin South, focusing on defensive driving skills. Each lesson is tailored to your needs, ensuring you pass your test and drive safely for life.

Key Features of Our Driving Lessons

  • Advanced Road Skills: Master complex road conditions.
  • Visual Training: Enhance observation and interpretation of road signs.
  • Commentary Driving: Improve awareness for driving test preparation.
  • Hazard Perception: Respond to potential hazards promptly to pass your driving test.
  • Eco Driving: Learn fuel-efficient driving techniques.

Pricing and Availability 

  • EDT & Reduced EDT Driving Lesson (1 hour): €55
  • Flexible Hours: Lessons available from 9 am to 9 pm.
  • We also offer 2 hour driving lessons.

Driving Lessons Dundrum & Churchtown area

Looking for top-quality driving lessons in Dundrum? Our experienced instructors offer personalized driving lessons tailored to your skill level and learning style. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refresh your skills, our driving lessons in Dundrum will help you achieve your driving goals and pass your driving test with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Essential Driver Training (EDT)?

EDT is a mandatory course teaching fundamental driving skills, crucial for passing your driving test and ensuring road safety.

Why Do I Need EDT? 

Studies show EDT driving lessons significantly improves driving safety. All new drivers must complete 12 one-hour sessions before their driving test.

Pretest Driving Lessons 

When you have completed your 12 EDT driving lessons we will prepare you fully to pass your Driving Test.

  • Pre-Test Driving Lessons / Mock Test: We cover Dun Laoghaire & Tallaght RSA Driving Test Centres.
  • We will take you on pre-test lessons around the driving test route areas to build up your confidence.

For more information visit our PRETEST page

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Why Choose Sunbury for Your Driving Lessons in Dublin South?

  • Customized Lessons: Each driving lesson is tailored to meet your specific needs and skill level.
  • Proven Techniques: Learn easy-to-remember systems that promote safe driving habits.
  • Experienced Instructors: Benefit from the expertise of seasoned instructors who are dedicated to your success.
  • High Success Rate: Our methods are designed to help you pass your driving test and become a safe driver for life.

Ready to start your journey to becoming a safer driver?

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What is Essential Driver Training (EDT)

What is Essential Driver Training?

Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a mandatory training course that teaches fundamental driving skills to learner car drivers. It is part of the RSA’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) scheme and is intended to improve road safety. EDT is only part of the learning process; you will need lots of practice and may need more lessons to become a safe driver.

Why Do I Need EDT?

Studies show that young drivers and inexperienced drivers are more likely to die or be seriously injured in collisions, and EDT is one of several measures introduced by the RSA to help improve critical driving knowledge, skills, and behaviours of new drivers.

If the issue date of your first B category (Car) learner permit is on or after April 4, 2011, you must complete all EDT sessions before you can sit your full driving test. Even if you are not required to complete EDT, taking the course can still increase your chances of passing the driving test and help you become a safer driver.

What Does EDT Involve?

EDT is a course of 12 one-hour sessions designed to cover certain critical driving skills and improve your practical driving skills. As you complete each session, your Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) will record your progress in a specially issued logbook.

You should also have a Sponsor, an experienced driver (many learner drivers choose a family member) who will supervise your driving practice outside of sessions and track your progress in your logbook. After finishing your EDT course, you may still need additional lessons with an ADI and should practice with your Sponsor as much as possible to get comfortable behind the wheel.

What Does EDT Cost?

There is no set charge for EDT sessions, and each ADI sets their own fees. The RSA recommends contacting several ADIs to inquire about their fees and to see if the ADI is right for you. Recommendations from family and friends can also be useful.

The EDT logbook has a cover price of €5, which may be payable to your ADI for an original or replacement logbook. There may also be an administrative fee. It is advisable to avoid paying for driving sessions in advance to prevent issues such as changing driving instructors or booking further lessons to suit your availability.

Find an ADI

EDT can only be delivered by an RSA-approved instructor, an ADI. To find an available ADI, consult the ADI register. You may switch ADIs during the EDT course, but ensure your current ADI signs off on your completed lessons before making any changes.

Benefits of EDT

Completing your essential driver training course will help you to:

  • Understand what it means to be a better and safer driver.
  • Practice your driving skills in a structured way focused on your learning needs.
  • Develop lifelong skills that will make you a better and safer driver.


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Unaccompanied Drivers & the Law

Under the Graduated Driver Licensing System in Ireland, learner drivers must always be accompanied by a fully qualified driver (not a novice). Fixed charge and penalty point arrangements apply to learner drivers detected driving unaccompanied. Additionally, penalties apply to the owner of a vehicle being driven by an unaccompanied learner driver.

Key Points:

  • A learner driver detected driving unaccompanied faces an €80 fine and two penalty points if paid within 28 days, a €120 fine and two penalty points if paid within the next 28 days, and €120 and four penalty points if convicted in court.
  • A vehicle being driven by an unaccompanied learner driver can be detained by Gardaí.
  • The owner of a vehicle who allows an unaccompanied learner or unlicensed driver to drive their vehicle is liable to have their vehicle seized by Gardaí and could face a fine of up to €1,000.
  • A lower threshold of penalty points leading to disqualification applies to any driver who is granted their first learner permit on or after August 1, 2014, while they drive under a learner permit, and subsequently during the first two years while they drive under their first full driving licence.

What is the Legislation Relating to Unaccompanied Drivers?

It is against the law to drive unaccompanied on a learner permit. Since December 2018, a learner driver who should be accompanied but is driving unaccompanied is liable to have their vehicle impounded.

Where the unaccompanied learner is not the vehicle owner, the owner faces their vehicle being impounded and a fine of up to €1,000. This is in addition to the penalties which applied prior to this change where an unaccompanied driver could incur up to four penalty points and face a fine of up to €120.

An accompanying driver must have held a full driving licence for the vehicle for at least two years.

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