EDT & Reduced EDT Driving Lessons


Our Pass Rate is 99%

EDT – Essential Driver Training & Reduced EDT

Sunbury teaches you Proactive Defensive Driving Skills for Life that set you on the road to Passing your Driving Test. All lessons will be tailored to your specific needs to raise your driving skills. Easy to remember Systems for Driving Safely once learned and applied prepare you for all the challenges of driving on all road types.

Anyone can drive a car.  Not everyone can drive it Safely.
As a result almost 50% FAIL the Driving Test annually.

That’s over 50,000 Drivers!  Don’t Let this Be YOU!

Skills We Teach You

Advanced Road Skills

  • Visual Training
  • Commentary Driving
  • Hazard Perception and Management
  • The System of Safer Driving

Advanced Car Skills

  • Eco Driving
  • Stopping in higher gears
  • Block changing 4th to 2nd
  • Safer steering Skills
Making Driving Safer by Creating Safer Drivers

EDT Lessons available in Dun Laoghaire, Tallaght and Churchtown areas.

EDT & Reduced EDT Driving Lesson €50