Steps to Getting your Learner Permit

The following steps outline what you need to do to get your learner permit:

Apply for a Public Service Card (PSC) if you do not have one already. Since June 2017, the PSC is required as a proof of ID before you can sit your theory test. Register with and book a face-to-face appointment with the Department of Social Protection office near you. 

When attending the appointment you will need: 

  • evidence of identity (passport, birth certificate or driver’s licence from another country);
  • evidence of your Irish address.
    Once you get your PSC, you can apply for the RSA driver theory test at www. The RSA has a list of the forty-one theory-test centres in the country. Choose the one nearest you. You can buy the test-preparation material (in the form of a CD-ROM or online app) on the website too or contact your local library to see if they have them. You can also access practice questions online or download apps: The questions in the Official Driver Theory Test Questions and Answers are designed to test your knowledge and also to make you think about the different situations you will come across as a driver. In the theory test, you will have forty-five minutes to answer forty questions. You must get thirty-five correct. The wording can be tricky so read each question carefully. 

With your Driver Theory Test Pass Certificate, you can now apply for your learner permit. There are thirty-six National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) centres (see Book online for your face-to-face appointment. You will need to bring the following documents with you: 

  • fully completed application form for learner permit (D201);
  • evidence of PPSN;
  • Driver Theory Test pass certificate (dated within two years);
  • fully completed NDLS eyesight report form (D502; dated within one
  • NDLS medical form (dated within one month) if you suffer from any dis-
    eases or disabilities listed on the RSA website;
  • evidence of your current address (dated within six months);
  • photographic ID;
  • evidence of residency entitlement (birth certificate or passport);
  • the relevant fee.
    All forms can be downloaded from the RSA website: or you can get them in your local Garda station, NDLS centre or driving-test or theory-test centre. Your photograph and signature will be captured at the NDLS office.