6 Reduced Edt Modules & Logbook Information

Your ADI Driving Instructor will order your Logbook from the RSA to record your 6 EDT Lessons. They will also upload each lesson to the RSA website. You can check your lessons are uploaded here on the rsa-myedt section: https://ccwdriver.rsa.ie/driver/driverlogin.aspx Once you have completed the 6 EDT lessons you can apply to the RSA to do your Driving Test :https://www.rsa.ie/en/RSA/Learner-Drivers/The-Driving-Test/Apply-online/


It is important to practice as often as you can so you build up a good foundation in preparation for your Driving Test. If you don’t have access to a car you will need to practice with your ADI instructor and discuss with them hiring the school car for the exam.

Use your logbook to take notes so you can refer to them durning your training sessions outside of lessons and later when preparing for your driving test.

Read the notes and tips your ADI instructor writes on each lesson so you fully understand. The videos will also help to prepare you fully to pass your Driving Test.

The logbook is €4