12 EDT Modules & Logbook Information

Your ADI Driving Instructor will order your Logbook from the RSA to record your 12 EDT Lessons. They will also upload each lesson to the rsa website. You can check your lessons are uploaded here on the rsa-myedt section: https://ccwdriver.rsa.ie/driver/driverlogin.aspx

    Once you get your learner permit, you can begin to take professional driving lessons with an RSA ADI instructor.
  • Learning to drive is a bit like learning to walk all over again. There’s a lot of coordination of hands and feet and eyes so take your time and be patient. It is mandatory that you take a minimum of twelve Essential Driver Training (EDT) modules. These will guide you through the different stages of learning to drive. The RSA also advises a minimum of two to three hours’ training lessons between these modules for you to practise the new skills. This practice can be done with your instructor or with a parent or sponsor if you are insured to drive another car. On your first lesson, your ADI will register you with the RSA, and they will give you a logbook which will record your twelve EDT sessions over the next few months. These are uploaded to the RSA website by your ADI. 

Upon completion of the twelve EDTs and many hours of practice, you can apply for your driving test. Continue to practise as you wait for your test and aim to double those hours. The more you practise, the better your chances of passing. Almost 50% of Drivers FAIL their Driving Test first time due to lack of practice. The choice is yours. Fail to prepare then prepare to Fail. The videos in this course will give you the information you need and then you need to go out and practice what you have learned until it becomes second nature to you. You’ll be glad you did when the Tester is sitting beside you.

Use your logbook to take notes so you can refer to them durning your training sessions outside of ADI lessons and later when preparing for your driving test. Read the notes and tips your ADI instructor writes after each lesson.