Here are some common questions

What are the advantages of doing these courses?

These courses are designed to teach you Advanced Driving Skills to improve your safety on the road and prepare you fully to PASS your Driving Test.

Do you offer FREE trials of the courses?

We have free sample videos in all courses for you so you get an opportunity to see how good the course is for improving your Driver Education.

How much time should I spend on each Lesson?

Watch the lesson a few times. Take some notes. Go Driving and practice what you have learned.

What happens if I loose my login details or lose my password?

Simply click on My Account then Login and then Forgot my Password. You can enter your email address and have the password reset.

Do I have access to all the lessons at the same time?

Yes all lessons are available at once so you can self pace and revise and revisit whatever sections you need.

Do you give refunds if I use the course for a shorter time than offered?

No. The access times are set to facilitate your Driver Education so make the most of the time.