About Sunbury Driving School

Kathleen Comerford established Sunbury Driving School in 1999

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Hello and welcome to my website. I have been  giving  Driving Lessons in Dublin South since 1999.
My name is Kathleen Comerford and I am an RSA ADI Driving Instructor.

My Driving School

Sunbury Driving School  is based in Dundrum, Dublin.

I teach EDT driving lessons covering Dublin South and pre test driving lessons for Tallaght and Dun Laoghaire RSA driving test centre.

We can meet you at your house and drop you home.

Since 1999  I’ve had the honour of teaching and preparing thousand of drivers of all ages from 17 to 68 years to Pass their Driving Test. 

Beliefs & Values

I believe your Brain is the most important Safety feature in your car.  Durning driving lesson I teach how to drive the road as well as the car!

I believe strongly in Driver Education and Road Safety, that knowledge is Power. Having a Qualification in Advanced Driving has enabled me to work with major companies training their fleet drivers in Risk Assessment and Safety.

I have also run Driver Ed programs in Schools for transition year students.


Author & Media

I am the author of two books on the Driving Test which are available to buy on the site. They will support you in your driving lessons.

101 Tips to Pass your Driving Test is an ebook & Pass your Driving Test in Ireland published by O’Brien Press.

I regularly contribute to the Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk in the “Ask the Expert” section about driving matters.


It is a dream come true for me to launch this unique online driving test course that I created with the vision of Steering the Nation into Safer Driving Habits.

I have poured all my years of Experience and Wisdom into these courses to provide step by step guidance and support for learner drivers. These courses will help you to drive with greater clarity and understanding of road safety and prepare you fully to pass your driving test and drive safely for Life.


My Goal is to introduce DRIVER EDUCATION into our schools in Ireland. I firmly believe that teaching young drivers a Safer Driving Attitude and Skills before they sit behind a wheel of a car is a huge step in making our roads safer. The online course grew from that vision and now ALL learner drivers in Ireland can access online driver training and education from beginner to Test preparation. The more information a young driver knows the safer they are on the road.


I aspire to :

  • Educate and Motivate a Nation of Safe Drivers
  • To reduce the death rate on our roads by teaching Advanced Safer Skills to all road users.


My mission is to raise the Driving Test national average pass rate from 55% to 100%.   To help over 50,000 Drivers not to FAIL every year!



What Our Students Have to Say

Thanks again Kathleen for all your help with the driving lessons over the weeks. I really appreciate it and I'm so happy I passed.
So happy to have passed my test first time in Rathgar Kathleen. Thank you for all your help. The pre test driving lesson with Imelda really helped my nerves to settle.
Kathleen is a brilliant instructor. In just a few driving lessons she helped me change my driving from rushed and slightly erratic to relaxed and safe. There is no secrets or tricks to pass, just consistent advice on how to drive safely. I felt prepared and confident doing the test and it paid off! I've had a few driving instructors and none compare to Sunbury Driving. The Tester said my drive was the best he had seen all year! How amazing was that! Thanks a mill Kathleen.
Having had plenty of driving lessons in Dublin I finally stumbled upon Sunbury and can honestly say that the first driving lesson I had with Kathleen is some of the best money I have ever spent. Kathleen puts you at ease, gives you a system to work with, and gradually changes the experience of driving from being stressful - to being manageable - to being comfortable - and finally to being enjoyable. After many years of dreading and avoiding it, I passed my test on my first attempt - and I couldn't have done it without the help of the team at Sunbury.